Elisha Fieldstadt12h ago / 3:20 PM UTCNew York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said Tuesday that the city will soon release data on the racial breakdown of coronavirus cases that will show disparities among who is affected by the pandemic.”This disease is affecting people disproportionately in lower-income communities” with “more health problems” and in “communities of color,” de Blasio said. He said the numbers on age and gender are readily available, but it’s been harder to get hospitals to track race in the midst of an emergency. Jumaane D. Williams, public advocate for New York City, on Thursday sent a letter to de Blasio calling for a release of data on the racial impact of the crisis. De Blasio also said Tuesday that the number of people hospitalized and in need of ventilators has “improved a bit in recent days.” “It is giving us some more time, giving us the opportunity to get more ventilators in and know we can get farther into the week,” the mayor said. “We know we bought a few more days.” Reuters13h ago / 2:40 PM UTCAirlines cannot afford to refund canceled flightsGlobal airlines cannot afford to refund canceled flights because of the coronavirus crisis, according to the head of the

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