The rumors began circulating early in the day: Several hundred extra doses of the Covid-19 vaccine were being made available to the general public, regardless of eligibility.Hundreds of New Yorkers flocked to the Brooklyn Army Terminal vaccination site Thursday, only to find the shots were not actually available.”I was willing to drop everything and head to a location where there was a small chance that I might be able to get vaccinated,” said Bill McBain, 36, of Brooklyn, who waited in line for 30 minutes with more than 500 other people until police officers informed them there were no extra doses. “I don’t blame myself or anyone in that line. We had hope.”New York City, once the epicenter of the coronavirus pandemic in the U.S., has been plagued by vaccine distribution stumbles, just like nearly every part of the country. From supply shortages to registration issues, a string of mishaps have impaired rollout efforts across the five boroughs.Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakThough demand for the vaccines is high in New York, there is no guarantee a dose will be available for someone who is eligible, which includes health care workers, people 65 and over and those working in certain

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