WASHINGTON — A majority of American adults don’t trust what President Donald Trump has said about a coronavirus vaccine, according to new data from the NBC News|SurveyMonkey Weekly Tracking poll, as the share of people who say they would get a government-approved vaccine has decreased.Fifty-two percent of adults say they don’t trust the president’s vaccine comments, while just 26 percent say they do. Twenty percent say they are “not aware” whether they trust what the president has said about a vaccine.And when responses are broken down by party, 58 percent of adults who identify as Republicans or lean Republican say they trust what Trump has said about a vaccine, 14 percent say they don’t trust what he says, and 27 percent say they aren’t aware of what he has said about the coronavirus vaccine. Just 3 percent of Democrats and those who lean Democratic say they trust the president’s vaccine rhetoric, while 88 percent say they don’t. Nine percent say they aren’t aware.Independents are far more likely to think like Democrats on the question of trust. Ten percent of independents say they trust what Trump has said about a vaccine, 55 percent say they don’t, and 34 percent say they

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