“Saturday Night Live” returned from a planned break that turned into a monthlong coronavirus hiatus and made the most of its cast members and host Tom Hanks, who sent in a series of fast-moving videos from self-isolation at home.The show did not open with its usual refrain, “Live from New York, it’s Saturday Night!” But Kate McKinnon did say, “Live from Zoom.” And an announcer said, “It’s Saturday Night Live at home.”The usual opening credits of cast members on the town in Manhattan were nixed in favor of footage of them at home, in kitchens, with children and even in bed.Tom Hanks emerged as a surprise host of the evening. He said, “It’s good to be here. But it’s also very weird to be here hosting ‘Saturday Night Live’ from home.”Hanks, who has recovered after developing COVID-19 while working on a film in Australia, called himself the “celebrity canary in the coal mine for coronavirus.”He said he was thrown off when medical workers Down Under initially took his temperature in Celsius.”Turns out 36 is fine,” Hanks said. “Thirty-eight is bad. How Hollywood treats female actors.”He said he was proud to be hosting, but given that isolation has muddied the concept

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