As the new coronavirus spreads, schools across the country are closing their doors and encouraging parents to help kids complete schoolwork at home until risk of catching or spreading COVID-19 have passed.For parents, the question is, how? TODAY Parents sought advice from homeschooling parents on how to teach kids at home.Fox Sports reporter and host of the “Players with Lindsay Czarniak” podcast Lindsay Czarniak, wife of TODAY co-anchor Craig Melvin, shared one of her survival techniques on Instagram this week: a hand-written schedule outlining her kids’ “school” day at home.”This was more for me than the kids but with a couple weeks of hunkering down ahead for them I followed the advice one of my son’s teachers shared,” Czarniak wrote in her post, joking that “Recess/PE was waaay too long but I had a meeting.”Journalist and college professor Alissa Wilkinson solicited help from homeschooling parents on Twitter, asking for advice for “people who are going to be trying to ‘do school’ at home for the next month,” and received suggestions ranging from knocking out difficult subjects first thing in the morning to making sure to get up and get dressed before starting schoolwork to optimize success.Do any homeschool parents /

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