WASHINGTON — Getting sick with Covid-19 didn’t change President Donald Trump’s approach to politics. If anything, his trip to the hospital amplified it.The strength-at-all-costs messaging Tuesday, which appeared to undermine both the stock market and his own party’s strategy on a coronavirus relief bill, represents a more highly concentrated version of the regular Trump.This is the Trump presidency on steroids.When he tanked stocks Tuesday by tweeting that he had killed stimulus talks, it was reminiscent of the time in late 2018 when he insisted on taking blame for an impending federal government shutdown. Jaws dropped in Washington and New York, as did the Dow Jones Industrial Average.”The president is living in a pre-COVID economic mindset, and it’s a huge miscalculation on his part,” Anthony Scaramucci, managing partner of SkyBridge, a hedge fund, and a former Trump White House communications director, said via text message. “He does not want to sign this bill because he views it as [Speaker Nancy] Pelosi’s bill and a win for Democrats, ignoring the fact that we’ve got people all across this country, through no fault of their own, suffering.”While it’s impossible to come to an empirical conclusion about the causes of each upward or downward

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