Hernan Muñoz Ratto16h ago / 2:36 PM UTCSpain has reported 394 new coronavirus deaths, bringing the total to 1,720, country’s health officials said Sunday. Spain has so far confirmed 28,572 coronavirus cases, of which 1,785 require intensive care. The country is grappling with Europe’s second-worst coronavirus outbreak after Italy.Henry Austin and Matteo Moschella 14h ago / 4:24 PM UTCItalian doctor at epicenter of outbreak warns the world to act nowAn Italian doctor treating patients at the center of the worst coronavirus outbreak in Europe has issued a stark warning to other countries yet hit by the full force of the pandemic: lock down.“We know what happens,” Dr. Emanuela Catenacci told British broadcaster Sky News as she took a break from treating patients in an intensive care ward in the Cremona Hospital in Lombardy. “Don’t think it is happening here and it can’t happen everywhere else … because it will.”The death toll in Italy jumped by 793 to 4,825 on Saturday, by far the largest daily rise in absolute terms since the contagion emerged a month ago in this country.Last week, the number of those killed in Italy’s outbreak surpassed those who died in China, where the disease first emerged late last year.Read the full story

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