As the coronavirus grows to more than 191,000 cases across the world and the death toll climbs to 7,800-plus, people are sharing their stories of fear, resiliency and recovery.NBC News’ Social Newsgathering team interviewed people from the United States to the West Bank on how their lives have been disrupted. In firsthand video accounts, they pointed to a new way of living and thinking in the age of a pandemic.Hyun Park, Busan, South Korea, a professorHyun Park is now free from a two-week quarantine. While inside his home in the city of Busan, Park spent those days in isolation recovering from COVID-19 after being hospitalized for nine days at Kosin University Gospel Hospital in South Korea.The Republic of Korea has a total of 8,320 confirmed cases, including 84 new cases Wednesday, and 81 deaths.While hospitalized, Park, 47, said he had difficulty breathing that “would come and go” and dealt with side effects from medication, but said the advice from his doctor to stay positive helped him focus on his recovery.“My body temperature was fluctuating, as well. The doctor told me not to worry about fluctuating too much. It will be like that continuously, so focus on the positive thinking, so

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