TAIPEI, Taiwan — A dispute over whether Taiwan warned the World Health Organization about human-to-human transmission of the coronavirus before China did has renewed calls to allow the island to join the organization, over the strong objections of Beijing.The conflict stems from Taiwan’s decadeslong struggle for international recognition and China’s insistence that the island and mainland China, separated at the end of the Chinese civil war in 1949, are one entity and should be reunified.Now, disagreement over Taiwan’s exclusion from the WHO could have consequences not only for the 24 million people living in Taiwan, but also on the health of people around the world. The growing dispute also comes as President Donald Trump increases pressure on the WHO and its response to the outbreak in China.Officials from Taiwan contend that it told the WHO in a Dec. 31 email about suspected human-to-human transmission of the virus in China’s Hubei province — the same day China officially informed the international health body of the first cases of the previously unknown disease.Joanne Ou, a spokesperson for Taiwan’s Foreign Ministry, told NBC News that the warning came from Taiwan’s Centers for Disease Control and was sent to China and the WHO.Ou said

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