As the U.S. death toll from the coronavirus climbed toward 3,000, President Donald Trump touted corporate America’s role in producing medical equipment at an infomercial-like White House briefing Monday.Trump invited a lineup of CEOs to applaud him and advertise their companies from a podium bearing the presidential seal in the Rose Garden. It wasn’t until they were done congratulating one another that the victims of COVID-19, and the people fighting it on the front lines, became a focus of Monday’s daily White House briefing.Pillow company founder Michael Lindell, who has donated more than $200,000 to Trump’s campaigns and associated committees, praised the president for bringing God back in to the public square. Executives from an underwear manufacturer and a defense contractor detailed how their operations are being pointed toward producing medical equipment in accordance with Trump’s wishes.Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreakTrump’s love of CEOs, and his willingness to use official White House briefings to praise corporate leaders and political allies, is nothing new — even in the midst of the current crisis. But Monday’s showcase, which represents the heart of the president’s daily communication to the public on efforts to combat the coronavirus, signaled a massive escalation of his

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