A pumped-up President Donald Trump said Tuesday that he “felt like Superman” after he got his experimental drug treatment for Covid-19, and he pulled a page from the Bill Clinton playbook, telling people suffering from the coronavirus: “I feel your pain.””To everyone fighting to recover from the virus, I feel your pain because I’ve felt your pain,” Trump told a crowd of thousands packed onto an airport tarmac in Johnstown, Pennsylvania.”We will beat this virus together,” Trump said before polling the largely maskless crowd about who’s had the virus already.Full coverage of the coronavirus outbreak”Who’s had it? A lot of people, a lot of people. You’re the people I want to say hello to, because you’re right now immune. You’re right now immune. They say that. You know, they hate to admit, because I had it. In the old days, they said you had it, you’re immune for life. Once I got it, they give you four months. Anybody else but me, you’re immune for life.”Doctors have said repeatedly that they are unsure how long people who have had the coronavirus might have immunity to it. In mid-August — long before Trump tested positive — the Centers for Disease Control

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