As the number of people to die from coronavirus in the U.S. topped 18,000 on Friday, President Donald Trump said that his “Opening our Country” task force would start work next week, although he insisted he would not ease the restrictive measures in place until it was safe to do so.”I’ve made a lot of big decisions in my life”, Trump said at his daily COVID-19 briefing on Friday. “This is by far the biggest decision of my life because I have to say okay let’s go.”Trump, who had once set Easter Sunday as the date he hoped people in certain parts of the country might begin to return to work and pack church pews, said he would continue to listen to health experts.”We’re not doing anything until we know that this country is going be healthy. We don’t want to go back and start doing it over again.”Trump’s comments were echoed by the World Health Organization, which also warned Friday that a premature lifting of lockdown restrictions could spark a “deadly resurgence.”While the organization was working with countries on ways to gradually ease lockdowns, doing so too quickly could be highly dangerous, Director-general Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus said.Let our news

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