WASHINGTON — At least 7.3million Americans have had the coronavirus, according to the latest figures. And late last night, we learned two of them were the president of the United States and the first lady.In a year that’s brought so much chaos, uncertainty and disruption, the disclosure that President Trump tested positive for the coronavirus — 32 days before the election — is the biggest political development yet of 2020.And while so much remains unclear of this morning, the news almost guarantees that the coronavirus will be the dominant story over the next month.What happens to Trump’s campaigning and GOTV operation over at least the next two weeks? (Remember, so much of Trump’s campaign and infrastructure is dependent on his in-person rallies.)What about Joe Biden and his team? (Biden shared the stage with Trump at last week’s debate.)Do the remaining debates go on, including next week’s vice presidential debate? (NBC’s Amanda Golden reports that Vice President Mike Pence and his wife have tested negative as of this morning.)What happens to Amy Coney Barrett’s Supreme Court nomination? (The New York Times says that she was at the White House earlier this week.)What about activity on Capitol Hill? (Will the Supreme Court

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