WASHINGTON — For more than 90 minutes on Friday, President Donald Trump put on public display the competing lines of attack on a public health crisis that administration officials and people close to the White House say he is still trying to reconcile.At the daily White House news briefing, Trump was back to bristling at any data point suggesting his administration’s response to the coronavirus has fallen short, just days after he notably changed his tone to offer Americans a more sober assessment of the pandemic.Behind the messaging whiplash is a president who is strained amid intense pressure to get the pandemic under control and increasingly impatient with the pace of his own government, the officials and people close to the White House said.“The president is feeling the pressure,” as one person close to the White House put it.There is growing concern among people close to Trump that as the crisis grinds on, his patience will further fray.“This is not a movie,” a person familiar with the thinking inside the White House said. “Things take time.”That’s a tough message to sell to a president with a background in show business who likes swift endings in which he’s the hero. And

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