WASHINGTON — Soaring jobless claims are poised to leave millions of Americans without health insurance coverage during the coronavirus pandemic.The emergency highlights a flaw in the U.S. system that’s unique in the developed world: About half of Americans get coverage from their employers. Health care, already a top issue for voters, is about to become even more salient as many wonder what the system would look like if President Donald Trump, Democratic front-runner Joe Biden and Democratic underdog Bernie Sanders had their way.”In all three proposals, whether people are insured or uninsured, they would likely get care if they showed up at a hospital with COVID-19. The question is: How does that care get financed?” said Sabrina Corlette, a research professor who directs Georgetown University’s Center on Health Insurance Reforms.”In the Sanders plan, it’s very clear — the government picks up the tab for that almost 100 percent. In the Biden plan, for the most part either the government or your employer would pick up the tab. You might have to pay some deductible or cost-sharing,” she said. “In the Trump world, it largely falls to the consumer or patient — or the hospital eats the cost or tries to

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