Rhonda Abrams, Special to USA TODAY Published 8:00 a.m. ET March 11, 2020 | Updated 1:16 p.m. ET March 11, 2020CLOSE When people ask how to protect themselves against the spread of COVID-19, one of the first suggestions from doctors is washing your hands. Here are the do’s and don’ts. USA TODAYWorried about the coronavirus and how to keep it from affecting your small business? From a health standpoint, working in a small office may be one of the safest places you can be. There are fewer workers than in large businesses, and you’ll notice anyone who gets sick. From a financial standpoint, you want to keep business-as-usual going as much as you can.Let’s be clear: We don’t know where this coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak is going to go and what impact it will have on individuals’ health and the global economy. What is clear is that we all hope it will end as soon as possible, with as little human and financial cost as possible.Here’s what you can do in your small business:  1. Find alternatives that work for youMany large corporations allow employees to work from home, but that may not work for your small business. Consider switching to phone calls (remember those?) or

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