Over the last month, I’ve received a numbing amount of emails from our local sports entities about the money they are donating to help those directly affected by the coronavirus pandemic.The Arizona Cardinals gave $1 million to the state’s coronavirus relief fund.The Arizona Diamondbacks donated $550,000 to help those most vulnerable. A week later, they kicked in another $500,000.The Fiesta Bowl sent $1 million to 18 local charities that provide food and youth programming needs.CORONAVIRUS & SPORTS: Get the latest news and information right in your inbox. Sign up here.DAY 32 WITHOUT SPORTS: Remembering Tiger’s Masters wins, Giants spoiling Pats’ perfect seasonYawn. That’s nice was my initial reaction.But then I wondered: What does the money look like from the receiving end? What does it mean to the people who directly benefit from it?Turns out, it’s a godsend. And humbling.(And let’s acknowledge right here that donating money is what these groups should be doing since much of the money really comes from donations, fundraisers, sponsorships and in the case of the Fiesta Bowl, also ticket sales.)But credit them for doing it. And it’s helping.The Fiesta Bowl’s donation, for instance, has helped the Boys and Girls Clubs of the Valley extend their hours to accommodate the

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