Darragh O’Carroll, Opinion contributor Published 6:00 a.m. ET April 29, 2020 CLOSE President Trump’s comments on disinfectants and sunlight being used to kill coronavirus sparked backlash on social media and with medical professionals. USA TODAYWe on the front lines will continue to stand firm, but we need our leaders to support science and those with proven experience.In the early morning hours a sweaty, blue and suffocating COVID-19 patient arrived unannounced and lay waiting outside my emergency room, spending precious life-saving moments on the cold concrete as my team and I hurriedly donned our personal protective equipment.In the days before COVID-19, he would have been rushed into a room and within 30 seconds had cardiac monitors placed, oxygen delivered and two IVs coursing through his veins. But now, because of the danger he posed to everyone in my ER, and even to my family members awaiting me at home, and because we don’t yet have adequate treatments for COVID-19, he had to wait until the department was ready to see him. Sadly, he wasn’t the only sick and suffocating patient that day.Like everyone in America, we wish that something would jolt us out of this never-ending medical and economic nightmare, but

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