CLOSE When will it hit and what will it look like? Those are just a few unanswered questions about a possible second wave of COVID-19. USA TODAYWhen can you travel around the USA again without restriction? Not yet, according to guidelines President Donald Trump shared with states last week.Though there is no federal travel ban, many states require or recommend travelers from other states to self-quarantine for two weeks, effectively discouraging interstate travel. Trump’s “Opening Up America Again” plan is aimed at easing social distancing restrictions and reopening parts of the country once they are able to meet certain benchmarks – most notably, a consistent downward trajectory in COVID-19 cases.. Governors will make the decision to lift stay-at-home orders and social distancing restrictions. Wednesday, the National Governors Association weighed in with its own recommendations in a report called Roadmap to Recovery.The report does not offer much advice on how to safely resume interstate travel. It didn’t tell states that border others with high numbers of cases to remove their highway checkpoints. Nor did it tell the nearly 30 states with quarantine restrictions for returning residents or new arrivals that they should rescind those orders. Though 15 states announced plans for easing lockdowns and stay-at-home orders, they have yet to change their traveler quarantine requirements.The NGA

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