William Cummings, USA TODAY Published 11:53 a.m. ET Sept. 13, 2020 | Updated 4:07 p.m. ET Sept. 13, 2020CLOSE Many states are planning on drastically different elections this year and mail-in ballots could be a big game changer. USA TODAYBillionaire Michael Bloomberg announced Sunday he plans to spend at least $100 million to help Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden in the crucial battleground state of Florida, where polling has tightened in recent weeks as President Donald Trump fights for a second term. “Voting starts on Sept. 24 in Florida so the need to inject real capital in that state quickly is an urgent need,” Bloomberg adviser Kevin Sheekey told The Washington Post. “Mike believes that by investing in Florida it will allow campaign resources and other Democratic resources to be used in other states, in particular the state of Pennsylvania.” Bloomberg, whose net worth is estimated at more than $50 billion, spent about $1 billion on his own failed Democratic primary bid before dropping out and immediately endorsing Biden. He vowed to “do whatever it takes to defeat Trump” and has contributed millions to help Democratic candidates in 2020. He transferred $18 million from his presidential campaign to the Democratic National Committee.It has been nearly

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