As a commentator and analyst for both UFC and Bellator, Chael Sonnen is incredibly aware of the impact the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic continues to have on the sporting world. But when it came time for Sonnen to put on the promoter hat and decide what to do with his upcoming grappling event, Sunday’s Submission Underground 12, he elected to push forward despite the ever-increasing suggestions and directives from both the national and state governments across the U.S. Sonnen admits the adjustments he’s made in reply have made the buildup to the card a rather difficult time, but he’s insistent that the event will stream live as scheduled on UFC Fight Pass. “It’s all a big puzzle, right?” Sonnen asked MMA Junkie. “And there’s so many pieces to this. It’s been so challenging – and not just for us, but everybody can share this, is the rules have changed constantly. “Like, you do a sport, and you’ve got the sport. You’ve got the athletes. You’ve got star-building. You’ve got all these different things. You’ve got production. At the end of the day though, a big piece of that pie is you’re in the regulation business, because when it’s all said and

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