DETROIT—The demand for ordering groceries online and having them delivered skyrocketed when the coronavirus pandemic hit in early 2020.The service, offered by companies such as Shipt, Instacart and some grocery stores, was invaluable to many who used it, allowing people to stay out of stores as COVID-19 spread throughout the country.But it was also lucrative to some of the personal shoppers who shopped, including one Michigan man.Meet Robert “RJ” Woldhuis , who worked as a Shipt shopper and made it pay off, earning him six figures.Woldhuis said he earned $100,280 in 2020 working as a Shipt shopper. His earnings, mainly shopping for groceries, were a combination of tips and what Shipt pays per order which can vary.The 2020 earnings even garnered Woldhuis a spot on Parade magazine’s “What People Earn” annual report featured in early September.Woldhuis became a Shipt shopper when he was looking to pick up some extra money in 2017, around the time the company, now a wholly owned subsidiary of Target Corp., entered the Michigan market.He credits his Shipt success on providing the best service and being a good communicator.”It’s my life motto. It came naturally and was easy for me. I leveraged all those strengths and went to work with Shipt,” Woldhuis

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