Doyle Rice, USA TODAY Published 2:17 p.m. ET April 27, 2020 CLOSE When will it hit and what will it look like? Those are just a few unanswered questions about a possible second wave of COVID-19. USA TODAYItalian scientists have found the coronavirus on tiny particles of air pollution, a new preliminary study said.This means the virus could be carried over longer distances, increasing the number of people infected, according to the Guardian.However, researchers warn that the study has not undergone the scientific peer-review process, so the findings must be taken with caution. “At the present, no assumptions can be made concerning the correlation between the presence of the virus on (particulate matter) and COVID-19 outbreak progression,” the study said.”Particulate matter” are tiny grains of pollution that can be dangerous to human health because they can get deep into our lungs. Those particles, often far smaller than the width of a human hair, are produced by car tailpipes, power plant smokestacks and burning materials.Air samples were collected at two sites in Bergamo province in northern Italy’s Lombardy region, the area of the country hit hardest by the pandemic, said. Testing found a gene highly specific to COVID-19 in multiple

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