Rasha Ali, USA TODAY Published 2:37 p.m. ET March 28, 2020 CLOSE The Most Beautiful Way To Wash Your Hands Video ElephantDolly Parton is spreading some joy and positivity to her followers in the midst of the coronavirus pandemic.The country star shared a video to Instagram Friday encouraging people to “keep the faith” during this scary time.”Don’t be too scared, it’s going to be all right. God loves you,” Parton said.The “Hello, I’m Dolly” artist kicked off her video with a lighthearted melody.”Well hello! It’s Dolly. Climbing the stairway to heaven because this virus has scared the H-E-L-L out of us,” Parton sang at the beginning of the video. “I’m not making light out of the situation. Well, maybe I am because it’s the light, I believe, that’s going to dissolve the situation. I think God is in this, I really do.”She continued, saying she believes when the pandemic is over that everyone is going to come out a better person.”I think he’s trying to hold us up to the light so we can see ourselves and see each other through the eyes of love, and I hope we learn that lesson,” Parton said. “I think that when this passes

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