CLOSE Here are a few ways to keep your kids busy and minimize screen time during the coronavirus outbreak. WochitAs New Jersey rushes into a mass experiment with online instruction thanks to the coronavirus outbreak, Michelle Polo-Thorpe worries her students will be left behind.“I have 30 students in my homeroom class and only 11 have a cellphone,” said Polo-Thorpe, a seventh-grade English teacher. “We have many students who are new to the country. They don’t have access to a computer outside of school or the public library.”On Friday, New Jersey Gov. Phil Murphy said all public schools in the state were likely to close “in a matter of days,” shifting 1.4 million pupils to remote learning as the state races to contain the virus. While the health threat is undeniable, teachers and advocates worry the crisis will worsen the education gap for low-income households, even as they take steps to try to accommodate students with paper packets or loans of electronic devices. “It hasn’t been easy, and this health crisis presents us with a whole new set of challenges,” Polo-Thorpe said. “But we’re going to continue to fight through it to make sure that our kids have the best possible education.”The state is

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