CLOSE Medical ventilators are being mass produced in Palm Springs to help with the coronavirus pandemic. WochitWhile Palm Springs, Calif., is quiet in light of the shelter-in-place order that limits all but a few essential businesses from normal operations in hopes of curbing the local spread of the coronavirus, much-needed ventilators continue to be produced in a nondescript facility a stone’s throw from The Desert Sun newsroom.The breathing machines are packed into wooden shipping boxes slated to be sent to medical facilities around the world — but not before the boxes are stamped with sober advisories of the fragile cargo inside:”Life-saving medical equipment. Handle with extreme care!! May be for you or your loved ones. Thank you!”Vyaire Medical, a Chicago-based supplier of respiratory care devices, operates the manufacturing plant in Palm Springs where it produces several ventilator models  ordered by domestic and international hospitals and agencies.It is one of about 10 ventilator-manufacturing companies worldwide working to supply critical care facilities with the life-saving machines during the COVID-19 pandemic.Besides the ventilators, Vyaire produces several other medical devices in Palm Springs, while “consumables,” such as the masks and tubes needed for patients to use the ventilators, are produced a few hours drive south — across the border at another facility in Mexicali.Coronavirus: Are you prepared

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