The Editorial Board, USA TODAY Published 9:45 p.m. ET March 18, 2020 | Updated 2:51 p.m. ET March 19, 2020CLOSE Dr. Scott Gottlieb, Food & Drug Administration head from 2017-2019, talks mitigation tactics such as closing schools and teleworking to impede spread. USA TODAYCOVID-19 math is cruel when it comes to the nation’s supply of medical arsenal necessary to fight the pandemic: Our viewThe new coronavirus attacks the lungs and, in severe cases, leaves a patient unable to breath without mechanical assistance — a ventilator. In Italy, ravaged by COVID-19 and facing its worst health crisis since World War II, doctors have been forced to play God.Marta Manfredi’s ailing, 83-year-old grandfather was denied care under an emergency edict where only patients with the best chance of survival earn a ventilator. “They said there was no point,” she told Reuters. He died in a morphine-induced sleep. This must not be America’s future. But the math is cruel when it comes to the nation’s supply of hospital rooms, intensive care units, ventilators, respirators and other tools necessary to fight the pandemic.2.9 million Americans could need ICUA new Harvard study made public this week shows that even under a moderate outbreak, 40% of hospital sectors across the country would run out of rooms. The

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