Cars have famously served as a makeshift bedroom for young or illicit lovers seeking private time together. But since the proliferation of the coronavirus pandemic, cars are taking on even more functions, proving they’re not just for transporting people from point A to point B.Two separate surveys showed that many people are increasingly using their cars to get away from the people they live with, get a change of scenery, take a nap, make a personal or business call, get some “me” time or just to feel normal again.“I had to drive out to the suburbs recently. I have two teens and it was my first time in awhile being out of the house,” said Jenni Newman, editor-in-chief of in Chicago. “It was my first feeling that life was normal again. I was singing loudly and having a great time. It hit me — it was a fabulous soothing bond for my soul.”These new uses for vehicles are changing what consumers want to buy in their next cars too. For example, some consumers said they now desire off-road capability and more space in their next vehicle. Some people seek added technology so they can work in the car or have entertainment during road trips. In some metro areas, there has been an uptick in searches for sedans. “The commute isn’t part of

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