CLOSEPROVIDENCE, R.I. – The doctors told the family of Dan Remillard, age 43, that his time was at hand. He’d held on for six weeks, often on a ventilator, but the virus had taken a toll.As Dan, a working man from Woonsocket, lay unconscious at Rhode Island Hospital, those who knew and loved him gathered by Zoom to say goodbye. In a testament to how many souls Dan had touched, almost 100 were on the video call.There was one notable absence: Dan’s father, Ron Remillard.Ron too, was gravely ill from COVID-19 — in his case, having served in Vietnam, at the Providence VA Medical Center.As folks on the Zoom said final words to Dan, there came a heartbreaking turn. A VA doctor phoned Ron’s wife to tell her difficult news.Her husband, at age 72, had just lost his battle.The Zoom by then was almost over.Not long after, Dan Remillard’s battle ended too, father and son dying within an hour of each other, both victims of the coronavirus pandemic of 2020.It was Dan, the son, who got the virus first.It began with his wife, Liz Remillard, 41, a longtime certified nursing assistant, now with the Friendly Home in Woonsocket, a skilled-care facility with

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