DALLAS — Emmitt Smith extended his hand to 14-year-old high school receiver Chase Walton. Walton, reaching out from beneath a rolled-up sleeve, clasped the Pro Football Hall of Fame running back’s palm in return.“Trust me, I got my shots, too,” Smith told Walton at a Dallas vaccine clinic Tuesday afternoon. “It’s going to be all right.”Walton closed his eyes tightly and received his first dose of Pfizer’s COVID-19 vaccine.“You really truly are protecting someone else when you protect yourself,” Smith added. “It’s up to someone else now to do what you just did so they can protect the next person.”The Cowboys legend and three-time Super Bowl champion joined First Lady Jill Biden on Tuesday to tour a vaccine site at Emmett J. Conrad High in Dallas Independent School District. United States vaccination rates lag behind the Biden administration’s goals, with just 46% of Americans fully vaccinated while 54% have received at least one dose. In Texas, only 41% of residents are fully vaccinated per CDC data. OPINION: Anti-vaccine players will affect 2021 NFL season. You OK with that?NFL’S BIGGEST QUESTIONS: QB conflicts, vaccination rates need to be resolved before training campsNFL NEWSLETTER: Sign up now to get football news delivered to

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