CLOSE The Republican Party formally nominated President Donald Trump for a second term Monday, one of the first acts of a GOP convention that has been dramatically scaled down due to the coronavirus. (Aug. 24) AP DomesticAs speaker after speaker took the stage at the Republican National Convention on Monday, Democrats reminded voters of what was not being said by President Donald Trump and his surrogates, and furiously fact-checking what they did say. Democrats were especially focused on drawing attention to what they considered the largest elephant in the room at the RNC: the president’s handling of the COVID-19 pandemic. The effort to remind voters of the consequences of the virus was encapsulated in a Democratic National Committee ad released early Monday, titled, “Republican National Chaos.” “Trump is meeting the COVID moment with job-destroying incompetence and deadly mismanagement,” the ad alleged. — DNC War Room (@DNCWarRoom) August 24, 2020Here’s a look at other ways Democrats sought to keep COVID-19 in the spotlight, and how they reacted to other themes and speakers on the first day of the RNC program. The pandemicRepublicans at the convention praised the president for his handling of the coronavirus pandemic, highlighting his Jan. 31 partial ban on travel from China and what they described as his rapid response to the

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