PALM BEACH, Fla. –  Former Florida coronavirus data chief Rebekah Jones hit back on Thursday against state police claims that bodycam footage shows officers acted appropriately when they raided her home on Monday as part of an investigation before they took hardware she said contains evidence of government wrongdoing.”You can see there’s an officer clearly pointing a gun at my face through the window next to my door,” Jones said in an interview with Florida Today.Florida’s Department of Law Enforcement released bodycam footage on Thursday showing officers trying to contact Jones by calling her phone and knocking on her door Monday morning. When they received no response, one officer points a pistol at the door while another holding a sledgehammer demands Jones open the door. She obeys and exits with her hands up, wearing a T-shirt and sweatpants.Who is Rebekah Jones? Former Florida COVID-19 data scientist had home raided by authoritiesThe officer with his gun drawn then enters Jones’ home. “Do not point that gun at my children!” Jones yells, as her husband and kids walk down the stairs of the two-story house.“This video demonstrates that FDLE agents exercised extreme patience,” Commissioner Richard Swearingen said Thursday in a statement from FDLE.”This video does not help FDLE,” Jones said in the Florida Today interview,

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