CLOSE President Trump’s comments on disinfectants and sunlight being used to kill coronavirus sparked backlash on social media and with medical professionals. USA TODAYMaryland Gov. Larry Hogan said Sunday he “can’t really explain” President Donald Trump’s public speculation last week about studying disinfectant in the search for a COVID-19 treatment, but he advised the president to make sure his news conferences on the coronavirus are “fact-based.” Hogan, a Republican and chairman of the National Governors Association, said on ABC News’ “This Week” that from the beginning of the outbreak, it’s been important that officials communicate “very clearly on the facts because people listen to these press conferences.” “They listen when the governor holds a press conference, and they certainly pay attention when the president of the United States is standing there giving a press conference about something as serious as this worldwide pandemic,” Hogan said. “And I think when misinformation comes out or you just say something that pops in your head, it does send a wrong message.” Thursday, Trump invited Bill Bryan, undersecretary of science and technology at the Department of Homeland Security, to brief White House reporters about a study that found the coronavirus did not survive long when exposed to sunlight or disinfectants. After

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