CLOSE What I’m Hearing: In a surreal decision the NBA suspended the season after it was discovered Utah Jazz’s Rudy Gobert tested positive for COVID-19, otherwise known as coronavirus. Mark Medina details the nightmare day for the league. USA TODAYThe NBA did not receive special treatment for the Utah Jazz when it came to coronavirus testing in Oklahoma City on Wednesday, an Oklahoma State Department of Health official told USA TODAY Sports.Oklahoma officials were prepared with test kits, and 58 people from the Jazz or with connections to the Jazz were tested because it was a “public health decision” based on direct contact with the initial player — Rudy Gobert — who had tested positive, OKDH spokesperson Jamie Dukes said Friday.When Gobert tested positive for coronavirus, it set off a chain of events that led to testing.A second Jazz player, Donovan Mitchell, also tested positive for the virus.While there is a national shortage of tests for COVID-19, the answer to how 58 people were tested while others have struggled to get tests is much simpler than the NBA using its financial resources to strong-arm agencies into testing.OPINION: How NBA’s Thunder-Jazz game made coronavirus real for the rest of usNBA ON LOCKDOWN:

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