The piggy bank of last resort, known as your 401(k), is far easier to crack now for those enduring financial trauma in the fight against the coronavirus pandemic.No one likes the thought of dipping into long term savings, but the financial picture for many families is becoming increasingly bleak.  On Thursday, the U.S. Labor Department reported that more than 26 million people filed unemployment claims in the five weeks through last April 18. In Michigan, about 134,000 workers filed claims a week ago — bringing the total number to nearly 1.8 million since March 15. Stimulus checks, enhanced jobless benefits and short-term options to postpone paying the mortgage will help fill the gap for many.Some people may have an emergency savings account that can cover three months or more of expenses. And they should definitely tap into that savings first. Plenty of people, though, don’t have much readily available savings. Many faced financial challenges long before heading into the COVID-19-induced recession. And then they lost a paycheck.Move over, Zoom: Facebook launching Messenger Rooms for coronavirus group video chatsWhere’s my check?: IRS ‘Get My Payment’ stimulus tool to get critical updateBut they often do have a 401(k), as many companies currently have automatic enrollment where they withhold a certain percentage of

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