CLOSE Since freshman year, Alanis Broussard’s goal was to speak at her high school graduation. Because of COVID-19, she won’t have a high school graduation. USA TODAYAshley Sturla has been thinking about her senior year for as long as she can remember. Prom, Grad Bash, Senior Skip Day and most of all graduation — she couldn’t wait.“I thought it was going to be like the movies, literally,” said the 18-year-old senior at Atlantic High in Port Orange, Florida.Then coronavirus changed everything.Now, Sturla is one of Florida’s 200,000 high school seniors waiting to find out what’s going to happen to their graduation dreams. So far, schools are closed through April, and extracurricular activities scheduled for the month, like prom, were canceled too. But graduations, which take place largely at the end of May, are just far enough away to offer a glimmer of hope — and a lot of uncertainty.“I know logically that it’s gonna get canceled,” said Spruce Creek High senior Kassy Sanders, “but I just keep hoping that it won’t because it kind of feels like that little bit of hope is the only thing getting me through it.”Schools across the country are shut down as part of efforts to slow the spread of

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