The Golden State gets ready to open for business — on paper, at least. We’ll find out more on Tuesday. And the state’s quick action is being praised for its quick response to the coronavirus pandemic. Plus: Over the last month, everything about our world feels more threatened, a new poll shows.It’s Arlene Martínez with news to kick off another sheltering-in-place week.But first, I don’t just come bearing bad news. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has recommended listing the Joshua Tree, the Southwest’s weird, twisted, Dr. Seuss-esque plant, under the state’s Endangered Species Act. Not only would the designation make it harder to build over dwindling tree habit, but an ultimately successful inclusion onto the list could make it easier to get legal protection for other species under threat by climate change.In California brings you stories and information from newsrooms across the USA TODAY Network and beyond to keep you safe and informed. Subscribe today for free delivery right to your inbox. California, Oregon, Washington ready ‘shared vision’ to reopen lifeResidents have spent weeks under shelter-in-place orders put in place to help contain COVID-19, which was declared a global pandemic on March 11. On Tuesday, Gov. Gavin Newsom said he will share plans to transition back to normalcy.Newsom, during his daily briefing on Monday, said the strategy is part

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