CLOSEA 1,000-bed floating hospital arrives in Los Angeles, and Gov. Gavin Newsom announces a ban on evictions until the end of May. And don’t miss my conversation with a San Diego criminal defense attorney about what the decision to cancel trials means for those waiting for their day in court.It’s Arlene with news to round out your first week of sheltering in place. Thanks for taking the ride with me. In California breaks down stories and information from newsrooms across the USA TODAY Network and beyond to keep you safe and informed. Subscribe today for free inbox delivery. Let’s start with some top stories to know and share: The 1,000-bed hospital ship Mercy arrives in Los Angeles. President Trump signs the largest stimulus package in history. The $2 trillion includes $1,200 checks to some individuals, $600 in additional weekly unemployment insurance payments, $367 billion in loans and grants to small businesses, $130-plus billion for hospitals and community health centers and cash for airlines and other hard-hit industries.Calculatehow much money you may be getting here. You’re wondering if that time you were sick in November or December may have been coronavirus. The head of the American Public Health Association’s conclusion: “Plausible but not likely.”Facebook, which offers its employees three squares a day, keeps enough food on hand to feed

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