CLOSE Social distancing matters. Here is how to do it and how it can help curb the COVID-19 pandemic. USA TODAYUnofficial shelter-in-place patrol officers are out making sure orders are being followed. And the state’s tax mix has some projecting this could be the worst economic downturn in history. Yet, there is so much strength around us, so stick around for some of those stories. It’s Arlene Martínez, bringing you news for Thursday.In California has coronavirus news and resources to keep you safe and informed, pulling content from across USA TODAY Network newsrooms and beyond. Sign up for free delivery. Let’s start with some of the biggest stories to know and share: The $2 trillion stimulus package remains on track to be passed this week. So when will you get that check, you wonder? For some, within three weeks of the bill’s passage.Remember how youth was going to save the youth from coronavirus? That isn’t turning out to be the case: The CDC reported last week nearly 40% of hospitalized coronavirus patients were between the ages of 20 and 54.Farm labor contractors are having problems getting N95 and dust masks, meaning the workers bringing us food are extra vulnerable to exposure from pesticides and other harmful

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