CLOSE SportsPulse: This weekend was supposed to include wall-to-wall March Madness basketball, and while that sadly won’t occur, that didn’t stop us from simulating the first two rounds of the tourney. USA TODAYDrake assistant coach Matt Woodley is his family’s “chief chaperone and lunch-maker.”Iowa State assistant coach Daniyal Robinson is making Tik Tok videos with his kids.South Dakota assistant coach Luke DallaRiva is in Phoenix spending time with his fiancé.Colorado State assistant coach Ali Farokhmanesh is watching a Disney movie every night with his wife and three young kids.For these four, and college basketball coaches across the country, life in March 2020 is not what they anticipated. They’d hoped to be playing meaningful basketball. They’d expected to be working out with their guys. And they’d certainly expected to be on the recruiting trail, watching prospects and gearing up for spring visits.Then, coronavirus halted the world, and college basketball along with it.The NCAA canceled its 2020 tournament. Then it enacted a dead recruiting period until April 15, meaning coaches cannot have any in-person contact with prospects. So, no campus visits and no in-home visits. Coaches the Register have talked to think the dead period may extend beyond April 15, too.Spring is crucial for recruiting. It’s when players flood

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