CLOSE The White House says winter weather affecting parts of the country has slowed down vaccinations. This comes as the Biden administration admits if Johnson & Johnson vaccine gets approved, it will be slow rollout. (Feb. .17) AP DomesticWASHINGTON – When can most people get a COVID-19 vaccine? Do teachers need to be vaccinated before schools can reopen? When will life go back to normal?Those are some of the basic questions that the White House has sometimes struggled to answer as President Joe Biden tackles the biggest issue of his presidency: ending the pandemic and getting the economy and daily life back on track. Biden has pledged not only to address the challenges more intelligently and capably than his predecessor, but also to admit when things go wrong. “I will not walk away when we make a mistake,” Biden reiterated during a visit to the National Institutes of Health this month. “I’ll acknowledge it and tell you the truth.”Still, both communication missteps and the difficulty of making predictions for an evolving situation have led to confusion on some goals and timelines, and underscores the challenge of managing a massive vaccination campaign and a pandemic that has upended American life and killed more than 490,000 people in

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