OPINIONThe Editorial Board, USA TODAY Published 6:23 p.m. ET March 29, 2020 | Updated 6:25 a.m. ET March 30, 2020CLOSE President Donald Trump is extending the voluntary national shutdown for a month as sickness and death from the coronavirus pandemic rises in the U.S. WochitThe economy and fighting COVID-19 is one and the same thing, not an either/or proposition: Our viewSomehow, the idea has taken root that there’s a trade-off between dealing with the coronavirus and keeping the economy afloat.As governors have implemented social distancing and business closure orders, some critics have said that these measures go too far. And as the White House’s initial 15-day guidelines were set to expire Tuesday, President Donald Trump expressed a desire to ease up on the restrictions and even spoke of packed churches on Easter.That won’t be happening. On Sunday evening, Trump acknowledged the reality that the way forward requires patience and more pain, announcing that the White House would be extending its social distancing guidelines through April 30.Relaxing too soon would let the virus course its way through the system, producing enormous economic — as well as human — costs.  Until the spread is brought under control, frightened people would stay home anyway. Supply chains would be interrupted. Governors who resisted social distancing edicts initially would

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