CLOSE USA TODAY Sports’ Mark Medina breaks down how LeBron James is dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic from home. USA TODAYBack when he shocked the world and announced he was diagnosed with HIV, perhaps only Magic Johnson truly believed he would still be alive. Johnson has been proven correct for just over 29 years and counting.”The reason I’m still living is early detection,” Johnson said Thursday on CNN. “I had a test and I had a physical. It came up that I had HIV, and that saved my life.”Johnson did not appear on CNN just to reflect on the moment he announced on Nov. 7, 1991 that he would retire from the Los Angeles Lakers after learning he contracted the HIV virus that causes AIDS. He also appeared to discuss the novel coronavirus pandemic.First, Johnson offered some context: “When I think about this virus, it is completely different.” Nonetheless, Johnson still drew parallels between HIV and COVID-19 because of the similarities regarding the misconceptions about the respective viruses, inadequate testing, lack of available drugs and how the pandemic has hurt the black community.”African-Americans are leading in terms of dying from the coronavirus and most of them in the hospital are

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