Day after day, Marcy Fisher thinks of her son’s fiancee working as an ICU nurse at the University of Michigan hospital.”It’s all very real,” Fisher said Sunday. “It’s very personal, and she’s just one person. Then you imagine the rest of the country and all of the other people doing the same thing she is. And that’s who we’re doing this for.”Fisher, as director of global body exterior and interior engineering at Ford Motor, assumed a team leader role on the company’s face shield and respirator effort. Within two weeks of working around the clock on design and production, the team at Troy Design and Manufacturing in Plymouth produced their millionth face shield over the weekend.”What’s driving us is the unending demand on the front lines for this equipment from the hospitals and first responders all around the country and here in the Detroit area,” Fisher said from her Bloomfield Hills home. “I feel like there’s more desperation in their requests this week than even last week.”Dimon warns of ‘bad recession’: But JPMorgan Chase CEO says USA can emerge from coronavirus crisis strongerCoronavirus leaves homeowners anxious: Some can delay mortgage payments but worry about true costFord executives issued a call to action March 19, after receiving an alert

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