When Trevin Giles and Ashley Cummins aren’t fighting inside the MMA cage, they’re fighting to maintain law and order outside of it. Both Giles (12-2 MMA, 3-2 UFC), a UFC middleweight, and Cummins (7-5 MMA), an Invicta atomweight, serve their communities as police officers. The coronavirus pandemic has made their day-to-day work lives a little bit busier. Trevin Giles “Work is getting busier; I’d say it’s a good 10-to-15 percent busier,” Giles, a Houston police officer, recently told MMA Junkie. “The reason for that is a lot of people aren’t at work right now. That means more people are home, which means more reason to call. We have to respond to all of those calls. Also, you’ve got the people that don’t really take the virus too seriously. They’re taking them not having to work as them being out on some kind of break. Instead of being in the house, they’re out and about outside. They’re having a little vacation for themselves. I think that’s part of the problem.” Cummins, an officer in the San Diego area, echoed most of Giles’ sentiments. She said she saw an initial uptick in crime – especially violent crime. “Where I patrol, I’d say

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