CLOSE Jen and Andre Laubach with their newborn twins Mitchell and Maksim in the NICU. Video by Troy Beaumont Hospital. Detroit Free PressThe twins were coming.Jennifer Laubach was battling COVID-19 symptoms the day her water broke. So was her husband, who raced upstairs to pack his wife’s hospital bag, worried as she wasn’t due for another eight weeks.But when he returned with the bag, the virus took over.Andre Laubach was overcome by a violent cough, gasped for air and couldn’t speak, so his wife headed to the hospital with him in the passenger seat. But while driving through their Clarkston neighborhood, they got a call from their doctor: The dad’s coronavirus test results were in. He tested positive. He couldn’t go to the hospital.So Jennifer Laubach turned the car around.  “When I dropped him back off at home, I was worried that I might not see him again,” Jennifer Laubach recalled. “I was afraid he was going to die in his sleep, and he was all by himself.”As her husband got out of the car, she said, “I love you.”He could only nod. Full coverage: Your coronavirus resource guideThe Laubachs are among 37,000 Michiganders who have been infected by the novel coronavirus

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