CLOSE We may not be able to come together the way we’re used to this year, but we can still connect over Passover, Easter and Ramadan. USA TODAYMore than 100 older and medically vulnerable homeless people have been provided hotel rooms to protect them from COVID-19 before the coronavirus pandemic spreads within Salem, Oregon’s, unsheltered population, reports Salem Statesman Journal, which is a part of the USA TODAY Network.Since mid-March, the Mid-Willamette Valley Community Action Agency has placed 113 unsheltered homeless people in six hotels across Marion and Polk counties, paying for them to stay, delivering food to their doors and checking on them daily.”It’s already hard enough being homeless, but then you add a pandemic in the middle of it,” said Ashley Hamilton, program director at The ARCHES Project within MWVCAA. “The world that was already a hard place to live has become more challenging. It’s our directive to make it a little better, and that’s what this hotel program is doing.”Certain underlying medical maladies — including heart conditions, asthma, diabetes, liver or kidney disease, cancer and immune deficiencies — put people at greater risk for severe illness from COVID-19, which makes it all the more important they limit contact with other people who might transmit the virus to

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