AlabamaMontgomery: The state Senate on Tuesday delayed a vote on increased protections for Confederate monuments after an African American lawmaker threatened a filibuster and said the memorials celebrate a time when African Americans were enslaved and lynched. Senators began debate on a bill that would increase the penalties for violating the 2017 Alabama Memorial Preservation Act from a flat $25,000 to $5,000 per day. State Sen. Rodger Smitherman, an African American legislator from Birmingham, brought a thick rope on to the floor of the Alabama Senate, as he said the monuments commemorate a time of racial terror, including lynching. “This is 2020. When are we as a state going to get past this stuff? Please, tell me,” Smitherman said. “I tell (people) Alabama has changed, and then we do this kind of stuff.”AlaskaAnchorage: Officials with the world’s most famous sled dog race announced Thursday that they have postponed post-race events in Nome in response to the new coronavirus. The Iditarod has postponed both the awards banquet set for March 22 and the meet-the-mushers event set for March 21, both in Nome, where the winner is expected some time next week. Nome City Manager Glenn Steckman said the race will continue,

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