Brett Odom, Opinion contributor Published 12:52 p.m. ET April 7, 2020 | Updated 4:13 p.m. ET April 7, 2020I am certain Brett Crozier will be found to have acted honorably, with the best intentions for his ship, his crew and his Navy foremost in his heart.The acting Secretary of the Navy, Thomas Modly, last week relieved my Naval Academy classmate and personal friend Brett Crozier from his position as commanding officer of the USS Theodore Roosevelt. On Monday, the secretary was recorded telling the crew of that ship that Capt. Crozier was either “too naïve or too stupid” to be in command. During his speech on the ship’s public address system, he repeated the false narrative that Crozier himself may have leaked a letter he wrote pleading for help amid a wave of coronavirus cases on his vessel. It is not for me to address the actions that Capt. Crozier took, or the decisions he made in attempting to halt the rapid and unprecedented spread of COVID-19 among the crew on the densely packed warship. The Navy will have an investigation, the facts will be established, and eventually the public will know the details behind this incident.However, I will say that in the course of

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