CLOSE This dog loves to carry a big stick and we can’t help but adore his tenacity. Buzz60You know what feels really bad? Being stuck inside and worrying about a pandemic. You know what feels really good? Laughing.Sure, the latter can’t cure the former, but it can provide a warm metaphoric blanket and nice brain massage. They don’t call laughter “the best medicine” because it’s lame.Giggling, chuckling and knee slapping is important for your health, and in order to help you find some funny, my colleagues (whose entries are noted) and I put together a list of 50 things to watch when you need a natural mood booster.What did we pick? A bunch of sketches, movie moments, TV scenes, standup sets and songs we have long relied on when we need some extra serotonin, from vintage “Saturday Night Live” clips to new TikTok videos. Enjoy our 50 go-to laughs, in no particular order:SongsFor when you want to bob your head while smiling uncontrollably.50. Jake Gyllenhaal: ‘Music Everywhere’Jake Gyllenhaal turned his cameo at the end of “John Mulaney & the Sack Lunch Bunch” into a manic tour-de-force that is so outrageous, there’s no way you can get through it with a straight face. Gyllenhaal, with a

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